What you will get

• Floor Plan

• Elevation

• Perspective

• Electrical Layout

• Roof Plan


What you Should do with these Printable

Print it out (as many as you want, anytime)

Laminate (optional,use with wipe clean @ dry erase pen/marker if you want to reuse t)

Bind it (optional, to make a busy binder worksheet)

or just print it on paper and use it

can olso be used on a tablet that can be used with a stylus pen.


Please note that

This is a printable soft copy

It is in Pdf Format

It is to be downloaded, a Pdf File will be sent to your email after payment made

No physical book will be sent to your address, you will get edesign in a pdf file.


Sila ambil Perhatian

Ini adalah Soft copy untuk diprint

Dalam format Pdf

Untuk didownload, File berbentuk Pdf akan di hantar ke email tuan puan selepas pembayaran dibuat

Tiada buku fizikal akan dihantar ke alamat tuan puan,tuan puan akan dapat proposal edesign berbentuk pdf file.

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